Bagan Photo Festival 2017

The Bagan Photo Festival (BPF) aims to “discover”, “disseminate” and “preserve” the attractiveness of Bagan. To achieve the objectives, BPF organizes the contest and some related activities with participants from all over the world, regardless of age, nationality, religion or culture. BPF tries to make Bagan more and more attractive place for both tourists and local people with social awareness, even if the number of people will increase rapidly in coming future.


Bagan Tourism Development Project

Ministry of Hotels and Tourism (MoHT), in collaboration with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is currently implementing Bagan Tourism Development Project from 2014 to 2017. The main objective of the project is to establish an effective tourism development plan for Bagan, reflecting lessons to be learned from 15 pilot projects, of which approaches could be applicable to other regions in Myanmar. The Bagan Photo Festival is one of the activities of the pilot projects. Not only MoHT and JICA Project Team, but also Bagan Tourism Development Platform, which mainly consists of Working Group members of the Project, and Bagan Tourism Development Supporters, which mainly consists of local volunteers, are the key organizers of BPF.
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