Welcome a wide variety of attractiveness of Bagan!

Now Bagan photo Festival has been running for nearly one month. The main objectives of the Bagan Photo Festival are to discover Bagan’s attractiveness from various kinds of aspects like scenery, culture, way of life, religious festival, tradition, etc. We are looking forward to see attractiveness of Bagan from your point of view. Please enjoy Bagan Photo Festival by entering the contest from the website and by voting for the photos from the Facebook page.

MoHT supports for Bagan Photo Festival

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Project Team and Ministry of Hotels and Tourism (MoHT) had a discussion on Bagan Photo Festival. MoHT agreed to cooperate in

promoting Bagan Photo Festival by making posts in its Facebook page in order to involve a wide range of people from local community and international society to this event. MoHT also cooperates in the judging process of the contest as well.

Bagan Photo Festival 2017 has started!

Bagan Photo Festival 2017 has begun on March 12, 2017. The Bagan Photo Festival is the first international photographic event in Bagan, Myanmar. Now entry for the contest is open to all including international tourists, domestic tourists and Bagan local people. Let’s take photos of Bagan and join the contest by submitting your photos through the website.

Created with Bagan Photo Festival