Let’s discover Bagan!

The objectives of the contest are to discover, to disseminate and to preserve the attractiveness of Bagan. Wide variety of aspects such as scenery, culture, history, religion, lifestyle, food, environment, etc. can be discovered by international tourists, domestic tourists and local people living in Bagan with their different perspectives. In this contest, we call for votes from people around the world through Facebook, so that the unique and hidden attractiveness of Bagan will be disseminated not only to worldwide but also in Bagan itself. With the awareness of Bagan’s attractiveness, tourists and local people will realize the importance for preservation of the attractiveness, which leads to taking necessary actions.

Entry Period

March 12, 2017 to April 30 May 14, 2017

Voting Period

March 26, 2017 to May 12 May 19, 2017

Call for entries!

Submission for the contest is open to all. Please submit your photos after you carefully read the Entry Guidelines

Call for votes!

Voting for the contest is also open to everyone around the world. Please vote for good photos as many as you want through the Wonder Bagan Facebook page.
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